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[S2E4] Somebody Stole My Gal


Gabriel further elaborates that the Yesod sephira he supervised was stolen some time ago and that the thief -- implied to be Satan's angelic rescuer -- had broken it into pieces that have been scattered to parts unknown. Two of those pieces are found in the sacred sword and in Alas Ramus' forehead. With a full understanding of the situation, Maou offers his own head in exchange for Gabriel to not take Alas Ramus with him. He asks Maou about his own interest in the girl, and he confirms that she embodies the hope he planted long ago before he lost his way.

Chiho suggests that Emi and Maou work on getting along and go to visit the latter together. Outside of Maou's apartment, Emi reveals that Gabriel never took the girl, but simply wanted to see him suffer a little longer. Maou cries tears of joy to see the girl, but he denies that he's really crying and runs off with Alas Ramus inside the apartment. In the post-credits scene, Gabriel reveals to Sariel that Alas Ramus merged with the sacred sword. Sariel then reveals the identity of the thief who stole the Yesod sephira in the first place: Lailah, the angel who originally rescued Maou as a child.

Rachel tries to get information out of Ruth again about Marty. She asks her how she got involved with him and Ruth confesses she stole money from him. Rachel questions if it was the same money he hid in her walls. Ruth starts telling her about Marty walking around transferring money. Petty seems excited about this news.

Sure enough, "Stephen Fletcher" is a fake name. The real Dr. Fletcher is a 300 lb Hawaiian who had no idea that his identity had been stolen. Another of Fletcher's aliases conned a violently insane woman, Patty Schultz, out of her life savings about a year ago. The woman had been forcibly detained in a psychiatric hospital several times. Might she have tracked him down and gotten revenge

Meanwhile, Aria, Hanna and Emily are waiting outside for her in the skeevy parking lot next to a dumpster, discussing the oddness of Wren and Melissa's rendezvous the night before. Spencer comes out and reports the bad news - she basically stole her sister's wedding ring. Just then, they look up to see a creepy sign for an optometrist, with eyes bearing down on them, as if someone is watching them, and they know someone always is.... Just then, they get a text from "A" cluing them into who has the ring.

Mozzie goes to his favorite diner and converses with his waitress crush, Gina. Two suspicious-looking men come in, and the waitress makes a nervous remark, following which she leaves with the men. Mozzie then goes to FBI headquarters, where he confides to Neal that he thinks his waitress crush has been kidnapped. Neal and Mozzie go to Gina's apartment, which they discover someone has gone through. They also find out Gina has a boyfriend. They discover a clue that leads them to a cigar bar by Mozzie's chess club. Meanwhile, Burke grows suspicious of Neal's actions when exiting the elevator and begins making inquiries about Gina also. Burke discovers that Neal and Mozzie are in danger. At the cigar bar, Neal eavesdrops on the party responsible for Gina's disappearance, but a text from Burke gives him away. Burke eventually manages to pull him from the situation, and Mozzie and Neal go to the FBI headquarters, where they get another clue about Gina, which leads them to a park, where Burke has an idea and confiscates the camcorders of people so he can use footage to look for Gina. The search is successful; Gina is seen being used as bait for her boyfriend by the two men from the diner. Gina's boyfriend eventually leaves her behind, but not before dropping his phone in a park trash can. Upon examining the phone, Neal and Burke discover a ransom call from the man responsible for Gina's kidnapping. Tommy, Gina's boyfriend, is nowhere to be found, which means Gina will be in mortal peril as there is no way to fulfill the ransom. Neal and Mozzie brainstorm and decide to work an angle through an old acquaintance named Devlin, who reveals a key piece to Tommy's location, a new identity turning Tommy into a man called Sam Brennan. Burke follows up on this piece of information. Burke brings Tommy into headquarters and puts a plan into place to rescue Gina. Mozzie walks into the situation in Tommy's place. Mozzie verifies that Gina is unharmed then starts making demands from Gina's kidnappers. Mozzie makes a plan for Tommy to exchange the money he stole for Gina. There's only one problem: the plan puts Mozzie's life in danger. Fortunately for Mozzie, Burke intervenes and makes sure Gina's kidnappers are successfully apprehended, and Gina is rescued. At a later point, Gina tells Mozzie she broke up with Tommy, and that she is moving to California. The episode ends with Mozzie, Neal, and Burke bickering while walking back to the Bureau.

Alice B: Oh dear, me too. We'd better start making some different choices at some point. Alright, what happened to you when you ran into the racist yokels, who were angry Sean fell asleep in an obviously stolen car on their land

The next day, the girls want to take the laptop to the police and show the police the video. However, Spencer discovers that her laptop has been stolen. Immediately, the girls suspect Ian of the theft. 59ce067264


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