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one time a woman said to me, youre making me crazy. i said, why am i making you crazy she said, youre always so neat. she said, i feel like i have to put everything in its place. it makes me happy to have things organized. i said, i try to be as neat as i can. youre making me crazy. i dont understand that, she said, i love the way you keep your space clean. i try to do what i can to keep things clean.

scott hutchison, lead singer and guitarist of scottish indie-rock band frightened rabbit, was found dead on tuesday, february 20. scott, 40, was found dead at his home in glasgow. the cause of death was not immediately known. scott hutchison, who was the sole member of frightened rabbit, had been on a break from the band due to illness. on january 19, frightened rabbit played their first shows since hutchison was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. in a statement, the band said, we are devastated. there are no words. we are struggling to come to terms with the loss of someone we have loved and cared about so deeply for so long. hutchison had announced his illness in december last year. in a statement on facebook, hutchison said, i have long struggled with a variety of physical ailments, which have recently been diagnosed. i am now in the early stages of a lengthy treatment. i intend to fight this, however, and return to playing shows and recording with the band at some point in the future. hutchison also said, i do hope to make a full recovery. and for the fans, i apologize in advance for not being able to fulfil the promise of the shows last night. i wish to thank everyone for their messages of love and support. his solo debut was released in 2016, and it was his first release since he announced his diagnosis. 3d9ccd7d82


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