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Gay Male Sex Slaves

Prosecutors said the ringleaders met two of the victims in Hungary through a website called, while the third victim had been working a male prostitute in Hungary and met Acs through Facebook.

gay male sex slaves

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Three young Hungarian men have helped dismantle an American gay prostitution ring that enslaved them, marking a victory for local prosecutors but highlighting the difficulty in reaching and helping male trafficking victims, campaigners said.

But when they arrived in 2012, they were kept as slaves in New York and later in Florida, forced into prostitution and to perform on web cams. The captors allegedly threatened to kill them or hurt their families in Hungary, prosecutors said.

Yet too often male victims of sexual exploitation go unseen and unhelped, specialists say, their stories stifled by personal shame, stigma and a world that has trouble seeing boys and young men as victims at all, especially gay and trans youth and boys of color.

In Massachusetts, there is one program focused solely on helping sexually exploited male youth and trans females, and its revenue last year was less than half of its sister program for female youth run out of the same nonprofit, Roxbury Youthworks, Inc.

Prosecuting exploiters and traffickers of boys and young men is even more challenging. The Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General has filed 62 sex trafficking cases since 2012, but only one includes a male victim, state officials say.

Procopio says law enforcement should be provided more information about how to identify male victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking. This is not a new complaint. A 2013 state-funded commission detailed the dearth of information about male victims and LGBT youth, recommending more research, programs and training.

The program was founded by Procopio in 2014 and is run by Roxbury Youthworks, a 40-year-old nonprofit aimed at helping youth struggling with victimization, poverty and violence. About half the current clientele are transgender, having been designated as males at birth but living now as females. Most are Black and brown, Brooks says.

In Florida, a nonprofit has opened what it calls the first safe home for sexually exploited biologically-born males in the nation, equipped with five bedrooms and five separate bathrooms meant to accommodate survivors no matter how they identify on the gender spectrum. The home, which opened in 2017, is run by the faith-based U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking. The group says it has already cared for about 31 males under the age of 18, the youngest being 10 years old.

Identity, the magazine, says the men are lured by promises of high-paying jobs from college campuses -- particularly Kenyatta University -- and then transported to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to work as sex slaves, reported.Advertisement

But this phenomenon is specific to those under British rule. By the 13th century in France, punishments for male homosexuality include castration for the first offence. But the French repealed their anti-sodomy laws after the first French Revolution in 1750, two centuries prior to the British in 1967. This is then echoed in La Francophonie nations; out of 54 member states, only 33 per cent of these criminalise homosexuality, in comparison to 66 per cent of Commonwealth nations.

Four men in expensive suits sat around a conference table, as another man made his presentation. The four men were all at the main office of the new and improved United States Male Slave Organization. They had been invited because of their wealth and influence for the possibility of buying into the highly lucrative business of providing young men as house slaves for exclusive clientele. The owning of personal sex slaves and the use of sex slaves was made possible by the Indentured Laws. These laws allowed for the acquiring of anyone convicted of a crime punishable by more than a year in prison. The laws also allowed for a person to ask to be granted the indentured status in lieu of prison or if they feel that they would get a better deal for volunteering as opposed to being selected against their will. Once a person is categorized as being indentured they lose all rights and are subject to the will of their owners.

Most of the purchasers of the slaves were gay men, who enjoyed owning their own private sex slave. The current USMSO had begun decades ago when the growing market for young male sex slaves began to pick up in the US. Each of the four men have owned their own slaves over the years and were always on the lookout for fresh meat. Most slaves that were sold by the USMSO were sold to brothels, private owners, or the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry had become quite lucrative when they began using slaves for pornography. Why hire an actor when you could just buy a slave to do the same things? The USMSO had quickly expanded and thrived, buying out or putting most of the other competition out of business. They were now the best and most exclusive acquirers, trainers, and sellers of young male slaves in the world, though most of their business was conducted in the US.

The presenter continued with his run down, "As you all know, our organization is always on the lookout for new slaves. We have numerous talent scouts all over the US. We only deal in Caucasian males, as they are the leading desirables in the industry. Our selection process includes medical examinations, drug screening, mental health examinations, and numerous other screenings for certain identifiers in order to acquire the best stock possible. Most of our new acquisitions consist of volunteers: hustlers, rent-boys, and so on. Young men that may not be gay, but are already experienced in serving the sexual needs and desires of men. From time to time, we also employ some subterfuge in order to acquire certain choice specimens. We have numerous law enforcement agencies and law firms on retainer, who keep us apprised on attractive problem boys and in order to make the specimens' voluntary acceptance seem like a good idea for them."

"We simply have them arrested for prostitution and then make them an offer of employment in jail. We tell them that we can have all the charges dropped, in exchange for a certain amount of time working for us. Once they have signed on, there is no going back for them. We have found that convincing the virgin volunteers is best, as opposed to just taking them because they are more docile to begin with. But obviously, they are not specifically told what they will be doing, they are told that they will be butlers, yard workers, etc. Now this is an easy choice for the ones already accustomed to serving the desires of men, but we use the same procedure for young straight males who have also found themselves, with a little help from us, on the wrong side of the law."

"Now like I said the virgins, while they are taught how to suck a cock and swallow, are not fucked here. But we do instruct them in proper riding techniques and everything else they will need to serve. The volunteers who are not virgins, are properly fucked in order to train them to work and take a hard cock in their asses, but never so hard as to stretch their tight assholes. This way we can insure that our stock of boys are ready and able to meet the demands of our customers. We also give them daily spankings and submission training, to ensure they are all docile and compliant. But again, no permanent damage or lasting effects are ever administered by our training staff. We have become so knowledgeable in the training and indoctrination of these boys, that numerous owners of slaves that were trained my past or other slave organizations often send their boys to one of our advanced slave training academies in order to train them up to our level of expectations. As well as private owners of new slaves, that wish for them to be properly trained by the best in the industry, if they can afford us that is."

"We developed this formula, because it will allow the future master to fuck their asses as much as he wants and not have to worry about making a mess. The slave's asshole and interior anal canal will be clean and tidy by the time we sell them. Now the dietary transition also helps the slave, because it gets them used to swallowing a generous amount of semen without gagging or anything else. Our transition will take them through several different formulas, getting closer and closer to the taste and consistency of semen, until their entire diet consists of the semen-like formula that will be their future food supply. That will be what they imbibe for the last of their time here, and the rest of their time after they are sold off, unless the owner decides to give them solid foods again, but most don't. Their starting formula has the consistency of oatmeal puree, but as time goes by it will change little by little. The majority of our trainees do not notice the slow transition into the semen like formula. We wean lots of young soon to be slaves from solid food to our formula, and we rarely notice that they can tell that it is happening at all." 041b061a72


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