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Devious Desires 5.4 (10.03.2023) (18 )

The backlash really bothers me. Like obviously I can understand why other people might be upset. But I am a female, and I have a rape fetish towards MYSELF. That doesn't make me some kind of sick person. My sim is an extension of myself and my desires, I'm not trying to rape someone else, especially IRL, I have no desire to hurt anyone IRL, etc. There are people out there that have consensual violent desires for themselves, and that is perfectly OKAY. Honestly, thank you for this mod. Also, I don't know why TD is so mad, he literally had teen/adult relationships until HSY and then peeping Tom? Likkkkkeeee, peeping is a sex offense but okay. Preach I guess asshole.

Devious Desires 5.4 (10.03.2023) (18 )

even with the new update the mod is not in the game, when i see the list of all the mods in the game's settings, i can find dd, but in game even the modssettingsmenu can find the dd, it find others mods, but not dd. the mod is installed in this form: c:/documents/eletronic arts/the sims 4/mods/mod_data/deviousdesires/animation_customizations/main.json ; and cruxmyth customizations 2.0.json

I actually think that Sony calls it a 1" TYPE sensor rather than a 1" sensor to emphasise that it's not really 1" in size. In other words, the exact opposite of the devious marketing trick some of you think they're trying to pull off. They're basically saying that the sensor diagonal isn't really 1", but it's a sensor of the type that goes by the name 1". 041b061a72


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