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MythForce Online

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You can play as one of the four playable characters who specialize in wielding weapons and casting magic spells. You will go through a series of challenges as you explore ancient ruins and fight against the dark forces of evil. The game can be played solo or by up to three players in an online co-op. More episodes will come in the future.

MythForce: A massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which players can take on a variety of fantastic classes and races. The game takes place in a persistent world filled with quests and dungeons.

The Early Access launch includes four playable heroes for MythForce Episode 1: Bastion of the Beastlord. Wielding legendary weapons and powerful magic, the heroes of MythForce face a series of increasingly difficult challenges as they explore overgrown ruins teeming with cartoon enemies. Players can brave the dungeon alone or join forces with friends in online co-op mode for up to four people.

MythForce is a roguelite adventure where you can play with friends via online co-op, and players can choose between four different heroes. Each warrior has unique powers and skills and includes the Victoria (The Knight), Maggie (The Mage), Hawkins (The Hunter), and Rico (The Rogue). Together, they will have to battle evil creatures while searching for treasures in ever-changing dungeons. Fight and explore to upgrade your rank and unlock new artifacts and infusions, and since this is a roguelite adventure, there is permadeath. However, ranking up will give you certain advantages when playing again. 59ce067264


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