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the apple watch is a very popular smartwatch for a reason, and the variety of apps available will keep you busy all day long. whether you use one of the watch series for general fitness-tracking or the moto 360 for basic activity-tracking and sleep-tracking, you'll find your options are almost endless.

carol hiam, former editor, a recovering academic, she got her phd from vanderbilt. in her spare time, she likes eating chocolate, losing absurdly quickly, and astoundingly slowly. she also writes for the cynical tech blog. see her blog .> or @cheryl_hiam .

ive been a lawyer for three years. and ive been a prosecutor in the past. and you have to be careful that the laws and the legal power doesnt get used against somebody by a prosecutor who doesnt understand the law. so to the extent that you have a prosecutor, not understanding the law and not prepared to defend it, that increases the risk that it might be used against somebody that they didnt intend to.

but as you mentioned, this is an ongoing, its ongoing. even though there was a lull, i think you could say theres an increase in activity right now with several major new listings in the last six to seven weeks. and that is a result in a lot of the ones that were already listed continue to grow their revenue and the ones that didnt would like to make a change. and so some of those are going to get delisted in the next few years. and some of them are going to, what, stay listed and some of them are going to get delisted again. but its a lot of, it creates a lot of activity. 3d9ccd7d82

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