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Partisans 1941

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Partisans 1941

Your partisans start off with next to nothing, a single knife and a handful of rocks you can use to distract guards. Soon enough, though, you'll have scavenged a wide range of equipment and abilities that'll help you get the upper hand, from guns and grenades to mines and trip-wires that can take out entire squads with careful placement. My favourite partisan 'gadget' is a simple bottle filled with water. When placed on the ground, bottles attract the attention of thirsty guards hoping for a free swig of schnapps, making them useful for pulling guards out of their patrol patterns.

Alongside equipment, your partisans also have unique skills and abilities. The character builds of Partisans aren't as immediately distinctive, as, say, Desperados III, but they gradually reveal their own specialities. Commander Zorin, for example, is the game's close combat expert, able to quietly dispatch enemies with a well-aimed knife-throw. 14 year old Sanek, meanwhile, can 'disguise' himself (which means pulling down his cap and shuffling around in a definitely-not-suspicious way) and distract guards by talking to them. Later on you'll unlock snipers, explosives experts, and even a thief whose special ability is a ridiculous banzai charge called "Ribknife".

Crucially though, being detected doesn't necessarily mean mission failure. Combat is as much a part of the game as stealth. It's advisable to soften up guard patrols and encampments with stealth before engaging them head on, but most missions can be played pretty aggressively on both easy and normal difficulty. It's equally possible to defend yourself when things go awry, shifting your partisans into cover, using abilities like suppressing fire to keep the Germans at bay, and using grenades to flush them out so your riflemen can pick them off. This isn't to say partisans is easy, even on the easiest difficulty, my quickload key saw plenty of use. But I wasn't reaching for it the moment I got detected. It's always worth seeing how things will play out, how you can turn what seems like a bad situation to your advantage.

Two more nazis do manage to leap from the blast, and cluster up with three other bewildered SS. They are just drawing their aim on Zorin, backing into cover, when a woman marches out of a door behind them. She has a stolen luger, and she is very fast. Five bullets go into five backs, and five bodies start to fall. Before they hit the cobbles, Valya fires a second shot at the penultimate survivor, and Zorin drives his spare knife into the last. I send the brigade sprinting for cover, but there's no need: the fight is over. They've just killed 12 heavily armed fascists in five seconds, and I've just fallen slightly in love with Partisans 1941.

In stark feature terms, there's nothing too unexpected for the territory, aside from the welcome additions of simple but meaningful skill trees, and a mild management metalayer. Between missions, you play a sort of worker placement game with your partisans, as you struggle to keep them fed, healthy, and as well-equipped as is feasible, from their hideout in a Russian swamp. It's X-COM with a garden shed aesthetic, and the resource constraints are calibrated just right: risking life and limb to reach a crate, only to find it contains six bullets and a single egg, is still cause for celebration.

That's where the setting comes in, and - in my opinion - where the game really finds its charm. As the name suggests, you're partisans, in 1941. Russian resistance fighters, in other words, fighting a desperate losing battle against nazi occupiers from deep within their lines. You're a threadbare mob of civilians, for the most part, led by escaped POW and red army man Zorin, and you've got nothing to fight with save for what you can scavenge from the enemy. As you can imagine, then, when four of you manage to decimate a fortified Waffen SS position in seconds - and without taking a scratch in the process - you feel like an utter lord.

You can really feel that the game was made by Russian developers. Apart from anything else, there's constant respect paid to the guerilla fighters who actually fought back the Third Reich in 1941, without it ever feeling jingoistic. Same goes for the sober, sincere portrayal of fascist atrocities. This is a tough bit of history, but it's handled tastefully here. And educationally, for that matter, as the period detail is immense. While stealth games always wobble your suspension of disbelief a bit (can he really not see me lurking behind that bench directly in front of him), the immersion driven by the setting here almost makes up for it.

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Parents need to know that Partisans 1941 is a strategy game for Windows PCs. The story centers around Russian partisans fighting Germans during World War II. That does mean that means death, destruction, and disregard for civilian life occurs during battle sequences. The death scenes aren't exaggerated, but there are execution-style killings, victims will struggle and players may need to hide bodies to avoid detection. While the language is mild, there are still some mature lines ("Kill the bastards!") that pop up occasionally.

In PARTISANS 1941, Germans have invaded the western borders of Russia, but while they've demolished the Russian army, the Germans struggle to contain a resistance force made up of partisans. Players start by controlling one of the resistance fighters, then expand their efforts into a group that tackles strategic attacks against the invaders. The game combines elements of stealth, strategy, base-building, skill training and resource management. Players will be able to build up a base camp, choose missions, enlist others to join the effort, and skill up team members. It also uses historical elements to give missions a stark and disturbing foundation in reality.

What starts out a bit rough and visually average title, soon develops into an addictive and entertaining experience grounded in historical accuracy. Partisans 1941 falters when explaining some early key elements, like throwing rocks to distract enemies. For example, you just drag them from your inventory into a backpack slot - like the one linked to the hot key 'Z,' and then hit the hot key to target the location where you want to throw the object/rocks. This is something learned after quite a bit of trial and error. Similarly, the writing comes off as strained, forced and cliche to a war movie, but once you get past those little things, the overall game play seems smart and well done. For example, players can click on an enemy to see where their field of vision may be to sneak past them, or check their suspicion levels before trying to distract them. You can also use the terrain to your advantage for sneaking or hiding bodies so you can complete your mission.

In fact, the strategic elements have a huge impact on the gameplay. The more you play the missions in the game, the more you have the point reinforced that you're working with a small group of fighters against a giant war machine. It also makes you think about the kinds of odds these people faced in real life. The game makes no bones about how despicable the Nazis are in the context of the game, but players should be aware that even though the partisans are clearly shown as good guys, their tactics will sometimes call that into doubt. Technically, the graphics and audio are decent -- they're not the most realistic or detailed, but that's because the focus is clearly on the action and strategy. If you're willing to handle some trial and error in your strategy games and are looking for a game that expands as you invest time and energy into understanding its tactics, Partisans 1941 is a fun ride.

Families can talk about violence in video games. Is the impact of the violence in Partisans 1941 affected by the historical presentation of the gameplay Was there too much violence or was it just right for the game setting Did the story lead players into violence or was the killing and assassination-style elements inherent in the setting more so than the story

The missions in Partisans 1941 are on a small scale with small levels and a raw appearance that reflect the time of war. Villagers are exasperated, all roads are muddy and the tracks are visible while artillery and provision are full of nazi propaganda. The ambiance is very well done although there are some visual bugs. The worst one was the shadows flickering and that was not prevented by putting them on the lowest graphic setting.

Partisans 1941 is a real-time tactics game which is best compared to Commando\u2019s or the more recent Desperados III. The scene I told before is one of the many challenges and confrontations between Russian resistance fighters and German Nazi\u2019s. The setting is the Eastern front which is basically the start of WWII and one of the many situations you as a player will not be able to win at first.

Every mission will give the player control over a total of four characters. These partisans could be young, very young. Sometimes the partisan you\u2019re using is just fourteen years old. With these characters you will try to eliminate the enemy soldiers by any means necessary. You might silently cut their throats, poison their drinks, reverse their trucks of simply shoot them in a direct confrontation. The choice of freedom - although stealth is incentivized - results in Partisans supporting different styles of fighting. 59ce067264


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