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How To Install Windows 7 On Msi Windpad

Unlike the Android-based tablets that have been multiplying in the market, the WindPad 110W is running a full-on Windows 7 Home Premium installation, and a peek under the hood reveals a beastly amount of hardware for a tablet.

How To Install Windows 7 On Msi Windpad


The MSI WindPad is powered by AMD Z-series APU processors and has genuine Windows 7 Premium installed as its operating system. It has 2GB DDR3 memory and a 32 GB hard drive, more than sufficient for any movie, music or video storage requirements. It is Wi-Fi enabled and the SRS Trumedia installed offers an excellent acoustic experience. Built into the Windpad is GPS and what they call Smart Media Link to connect to other devices for the sharing of information. Built in are two cameras, one rear and one forward facing for photos, video capture and conferencing. This is a Windows 7 tablet, a PC based operating system and as such is fully upgradable to whichever form of RAM and memory you want. It is slightly less responsive than an Android-based tablet but you are loading programs not apps!

This is definitely a tablet for the PC geek and Windows user. It is not a tablet full of gadgets and apps for surfing and playing. This is serious hardware that is somewhat ahead of the available software! Many users are waiting for Windows 8 to be released to install on this tablet and for some upgrades to come out for added usability. However, if you are a windows fan and want a tablet that is totally compatible with your PC, and can link to it, but does not want to carry around a heavy laptop then this is a good tablet for that purpose. It is capable of supporting games and has great video playback with good sound and clear resolution plus it is very upgradable as regards memory and RAM, so think of it as a mini PC. The MSI WindPad 110W is relatively new, but so far is scoring well with pro reviewers and Amazon customers.


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