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Artinsoft VBUC V4.0.10422.73 REPACK

although artinsofts vbuc is a mature product, it only supports the beta version of windows 2008. the easiest way to migrate to 2008 and beyond is to upgrade vbuc to vbmp 4.0 by using the artinsoft upgrade 2007 pack vbuc 4.0 feature. in this way, vbuc support for windows 2008 r2 and windows 7 sp1 is seamless.

Artinsoft VBUC v4.0.10422.73

vbuc 4.0 introduces a brand new comprehensive documentation. the documentation includes information on all tools and all features available in vbuc 4.0. the documentation also contains a roadmap which describes the future roadmap of vbuc. the complete documentation can be downloaded from artinsofts vbuc 4.0 documentation website. you can also get an overview of all features from the book artinsoft vbuc 4.0 for dummies, which is available on the artinsoft website.

in addition to user-friendly documentation, the artinsoft team also provides online support for all its software products, and vbmp 4.0 is no exception. feel free to contact artinsoft support directly at their online help desk for any issue using the new vbmp 4.0.

when the best case scenario is considered, this paper shows that artinsoft vbuc v4.0 is the best all-in-one vb6 migration tool. its practical advice can help you migrate from vb6 even if you are not a programmer. for programmers, artinsoft vbuc 4.0 provides a comprehensive migration framework that ties together the workflow of the migration process with the conversion engine. for them, artinsoft vbuc 4.0 provides not only the road map of how to migrate to future versions of windows, but also support for windows 7 sp1 and windows 2008 r2.


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