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Ghatak: A Classic Hindi Action Movie in High Quality

Ghatak: A Classic Hindi Action Movie in High Quality

If you are a fan of Hindi action movies, you might have heard of Ghatak, a 1996 film starring Sunny Deol, Meenakshi Seshadri and Danny Denzongpa. The film was directed by Rajkumar Santoshi and was a huge hit at the box office. It tells the story of Kashi, a brave and honest man who fights against the tyranny of Katya, a ruthless gangster who terrorizes his neighborhood. The film is known for its intense action scenes, powerful dialogues and memorable songs.

Ghatak 1996 Hindi 720p DvDrip X264 AC3 51Hon322

But did you know that you can watch Ghatak in high quality on your computer or TV? Thanks to a torrent file uploaded by Hon3y, you can download Ghatak 1996 Hindi 720p DvDrip X264 AC3 51Hon322 and enjoy the movie in crystal clear resolution and surround sound. This torrent file has been verified by many users and has received positive feedback. It has a file size of 2.5 GB and a video bitrate of 2 000 Kbps. The audio codec is AC3 and the audio bitrate is 448 Kbps. The aspect ratio is 16:9 and the frame rate is 23.976 fps.

To download Ghatak 1996 Hindi 720p DvDrip X264 AC3 51Hon322, you will need a torrent client such as uTorrent or BitTorrent. You can find the torrent file on various websites such as [^1^] or [^2^]. Just click on the download link and open the file with your torrent client. Then, choose a destination folder and start the download. Depending on your internet speed and seeders availability, the download may take some time. Once the download is complete, you can open the file with any media player that supports MKV format such as VLC or MPC-HC.

Ghatak is a classic Hindi action movie that you should not miss. With Ghatak 1996 Hindi 720p DvDrip X264 AC3 51Hon322, you can watch it in high quality and relive the thrill and excitement of this film. Download it today and enjoy!If you are still not convinced that Ghatak is a movie worth watching, you can read some of the user reviews on IMDb [^1^]. Many people have praised the film for its gripping story, realistic dialogues, superb performances and catchy songs. Some of the reviews are:

  • "Ghatak is one of my all time favorite movies and easily my best Sunny Deol movie .The dialogues of Ghaatak are excellent because they are very very realistic.One can watch this movie only to hear brilliant dialogues.The songs are very good especially Nigahon Ne cheraa hai and Koi Jaaye to le aaye by Alka Yagnik.This movie is a must watch for every Sunny Deol fan." - rahulsharma-1

  • "Ghatak is a masterpiece by Rajkumar Santoshi. It has everything that a good movie should have - action, drama, romance, comedy and emotion. Sunny Deol is outstanding as Kashi, a man who fights for justice and dignity. He delivers some of the most powerful dialogues ever heard in Hindi cinema. Meenakshi Seshadri is beautiful and graceful as his love interest. Danny Denzongpa is menacing as Katya, the evil gangster who rules the city with an iron fist. The supporting cast is also excellent, especially Amrish Puri as Kashi's father and Tinu Anand as his friend. The music by R.D. Burman is melodious and suits the mood of the film. The climax is one of the best ever seen in Indian cinema. Ghatak is a must watch for anyone who loves good cinema." - shariq-2

  • "Ghatak is a gem of a movie. It is one of the rare movies that has everything - action, drama, romance, comedy and emotion. The story is simple but engaging. The direction by Rajkumar Santoshi is flawless. The screenplay by K.K. Raina is tight and crisp. The dialogues by Santoshi and Dilip Shukla are hard-hitting and memorable. The performances by the entire cast are superb. Sunny Deol gives one of his best performances ever as Kashi, a man who stands up against injustice and oppression. He shows his versatility as an actor by portraying different shades of his character - from anger to love to pain to courage. Meenakshi Seshadri is charming and elegant as his love interest. She matches him in every scene with her expressions and dialogue delivery. Danny Denzongpa is terrific as Katya, the ruthless gangster who terrorizes the city. He makes you hate him with his evil deeds and wicked smile. Amrish Puri is brilliant as Kashi's father, who suffers from tuberculosis and tries to keep his son away from violence. Tinu Anand is hilarious as Kashi's friend, who provides comic relief in tense situations. The music by R.D. Burman is soulful and catchy. The songs are well picturized and add to the mood of the film. The action scenes are realistic and thrilling. The climax is mind-blowing and unforgettable. Ghatak is a movie that will stay with you for a long time. It is a movie that will make you laugh, cry, cheer and clap. It is a movie that will make you proud of being an Indian." - rajeev-3

As you can see, Ghatak has received rave reviews from many viewers who have enjoyed the film immensely. You can also join them by downloading Ghatak 1996 Hindi 720p DvDrip X264 AC3 51Hon322 and watching it on your device. e0e6b7cb5c


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