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new! file thumbnails! now that you have your projects stored in the autoplay media studio project library, you may want to browse through your projects with thumbnails. autoplay media studio comes with a new option in file > open, called thumbnails.

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new! selectible browser background you can now personalize the background of autoplay media studio and its toolbars with your own images and color schemes. since its built on windows vista aero, you can choose any of the 250 colors from your themes folder to set your custom background.

secure your projects now your projects are safe when your offline. you can save any project to autoplay media studio with a windows 7/vista secure file format and lock it so that no one else can access it except you.

quick access toolbar control when working on a project that needs a small set of commands (such as an animation panel), you can use the quick access toolbar to simply access the commands that you need without having to click through menus or go into more options.

tables faster than html you used to have to use html to add tables and tables to your documents, and there were times when html could get out of hand and become quite messy. with autoplay media studio, you can now add tables to documents without the hassle of using html code.

system requirements windows 7/vista directx 9 this application should run on all versions of the windows operating system, but there may be some differences on different versions. future upgrades may further improve performance. if you encounter any problems please open a help ticket.


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