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The official Twitter account for Diablo recently altered its profile picture and shared the teaser of a new game, where it warns of the coming of Lilith and all of this is contributing to a possible announcement from Blizzard regarding Diablo 4 in the next days Diablo 4 Items, which may eventually announce Diablo 4's launch date.

As The Game Awards 2022 showcase only one or two weeks away, more developers and publishers confirm their presence at the event that will feature new trailers for their upcoming projects. Diablo 4 is one of the titles that many insiders think will be featured in The Game Awards 2022, and now it seems the speculation wasn't a complete waste.

With each passing day it's becoming more likely that we'll be receiving an announcement that is major Diablo 4 announcement. Also, given that The Game Awards is now only a few weeks away, it's possible that the announcement will just take place during the event. There hasn't been any official word about this from Blizzard However, numerous sources appear to be quite certain regarding this.

As per Insider Gaming, "this is still the case, with over 100 journalists receiving the chance to attend the behind-the-scenes show as well having the chance to get hands-on with the game. The embargo on the event and the hands-on experience will be lifted on 7 December.

"During the ceremony, Rod Fergusson invited all of the guests to tune in to The Game Awards as they'll be making some announcements."

Blizzard is confirming that Diablo 4 is still getting Set Items, though you'll likely wait until after launch to be able to use them in the game cheap Diablo IV Items.


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