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Buy Infused Olive Oil

Sonoma Farm extra virgin olive oil is a delicate blend of California first cold pressed olives. Our EVOO is our special blend of Arbequina and Arbosana olives that are pressed within hours of picking. Now available in all your favorite flavores like garlic, lemon and butter. Cooking is made easy with Sonoma Farm.

buy infused olive oil


Our Flavored Olive Oils are made using various flavoring methods by our artisan producers to deliver the best tasting olive oils, and unlike alternative products, ours use 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Fusion Crushed means the olives and fruit/herbs, etc. are simultaneously crushed; Infusion is where natural flavors are added to the premium extra virgin olive oil. Our herbal flavored olive oils include Roasted Garlic, Tuscan Herb, and Basil to name a few. A few of our citrus olive oils include Lemon, Orange and Lime. For those butter-lovers, be sure to try our Natural Buttery Olive Oil!Please be sure to look in our Nut and Seed Oil section for more oils, including Avocado, Walnut and Sesame Oils.

I have a few strongly-held beliefs guiding my home cooking this spring. 1) A well-constructed snack plate is a complete and worthy dinner. 2) Green goddess dressing is due a renaissance. And 3) Everyone should make or buy one good bottle of infused olive oil.

Infused olive oil is sometimes made by steeping fresh or dried herbs, citrus peels or spices in olive oil until the flavor has completely absorbed. It can also be made by flash-frying herbs or spices in olive oil and straining the oil for later use.

Consider this an opportunity to get creative with flavor profiles you already like in other dishes. One of my favorite combinations has been a chive and black peppercorn-infused olive oil, which made for a killer salad dressing (my blood orange and rosemary-infused oil was just a touch too herbaceous).

Store-bought infused oils have some definite pros and cons. The biggest upsides is that most are shelf stable and you don't have to worry about the food safety involved in making them at home. I've also purchased some infused oils that are absolutely magical; Brightland's special edition ARDOR oil made with red chili peppers, chipotle peppers and paprika is a recent example, as is Fustini's blood orange olive oil.

But flavored oils are also a shortcut to more flavorful dressings and dips. A standard vinaigrette has a basic ratio behind it: three parts oil to one part acid. With that in mind, give yourself permission to get creative. Try combining habanero-infused oil with lime juice and some finely-chopped cilantro. Go for garlic-infused oil with lemon juice and fresh dill and parsley.

Another place where you'll notice an immediate difference from using flavored olive oil is when making pasta. Toss garlic-infused olive oil with spaghetti, red pepper flakes and some parmesan cheese for a quick play on spaghetti aglio e olio. Do the same with lemon-infused olive oil and a splash of heavy cream for a lazy spaghetti al limone.

For a simple, no-cook pasta sauce, combine fresh or canned crushed tomatoes with basil-infused olive oil and a generous (more generous than you think) pinch of salt. It's perfect spooned over supermarket tortellini or frozen gnocchi for a dinner that comes together in about 15 minutes.

Infused oils are also a great way to give pantry staples a lift, especially if you're stuck in a dreaded flavor rut. Some preparations that have personally changed my at-home lunches: quickly fry an egg in chili-infused olive oil and toss it over some leftover rice and scallions; drizzle lemon-infused olive oil over a bowl of brothy white beans for some much-needed acid; quickly wilt greens in garlic-infused oil and pile them on a thick hunk of toast slathered with the aforementioned hummus.

While it's easy to think of ways to riff with flavored oils in savory cooking, they're also a great addition to your baking recipes. One of the most straightforward ways is by using citrus-infused olive oils to boost the flavor in olive oil cakes. For example, I love making Karen Tedesco's orange flower olive oil cake from "Family Style" with blood orange-flavored oil.

Yes, all of our olive oil is cold-pressed. Extra virgin olive oil, by definition, must be cold-pressed. We only sell 100% extra virgin olive oil, and our infused olive oils start with an extra virgin olive oil base.

We start with extra virgin olive oil pressed from buttery Frantoio olives, then infuse them with an essential oil made by steeping olive oil with the actual produce (garlic, basil, chili or lemon). We do not use any artificial or synthetic flavorings.

Our infused olive oil gift sets are made using 100% natural dried herbs and spices and 100% natural olive oil/extra virgin olive oil ,to provide the most aromatic flavors while cooking! How to use infused oils you? well, they can be used in cooking, sprinkle on your salad to add moisture or as a salad dressing or drizzle on any meats before grilling.

We believe in only sourcing the best herbs and spices , hand blending, creating and designing gift boxes in house to create beautiful gift boxes using recyclable products. Our product range includes spices, infused olive oils, tea spices, spicy snacks, and infused sea salts. I started this venture because I grew up eating spicy food and developed an intense love for mixing and matching different spices. I believe a spice should not only be fragrant, natural, healthy but also awaken the flavor in food.

At Sutter Buttes, we value flavorful food and we help you prepare it just the way it should be. Our goal has been to use the freshest of ingredients in preparing our products, which includes our California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gourmet Mustard, Tapenades, Honey, Jams and range of Balsamic Vinegars and infused Balsamic Vinegars.

Ripened in the rich soils of Rutherford, California, our imported Mediterranean olive trees produce fruit of extraordinary purity, flavor and character for our olive oil. Each olive oil is crafted from a meticulous selection of hand-harvested olives using our signature, pressing methods.

An exclusive recipe made solely of Italian EVOO and natural Smoked Mesquite extract, perfectly combined to create the ideal balance of flavor. Our infused oils rise above the average flavored oils that are often made with low-quality oil or seed oil instead of solely olive oil.

The bright and fresh taste of our Delicate Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil reflects its simple ingredients: premium extra virgin olive oil and essential oil of fresh lemons. Perfect for pan-fried fish, grilled vegetables or drizzled over lox.

We craft all of our oils to have great taste and the highest quality. We also craft different flavor intensities that are great for any dish and depend on your preference. Try searching by intensity or use to determine which olive oil is right for you.

We currently have two organic extra virgin olive oil offerings from Lucini: our Organic Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our Organic Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil.All Lucini sauces and pestos are organic.

A simple way to use this infused oil is in recipes that call for both oil and lemon (whether juice or zest), such as a salad dressing or marinade. But it can also add flavor to simply roasted vegetables, like asparagus, or a whole roasted chicken. Drizzle over grilled fish, sautéed shrimp, or grilled octopus. Or enjoy it on its own by serving alongside some crusty bread.

Bringing forth the sweet, tangy essence of the citrus fruit, our lemon-infused olive oil carries the delicious flavors of Lunario lemons through the rounded and full textures of our estate-grown olive oil. Leaving only the slightest hint of the bitter peel on your tongue, it is a welcomed and familiar taste that will gently linger like a distant memory. Drizzle over raw fluke, oysters, or use to dip with fresh baked rosemary focaccia.

Infusing habanero, ghost, and scorpion peppers into pure olive oil captures the searing heat and fruity flavor of the C. chinense peppers in their prime. Use this infusion to take your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary. Spoon over grilled or steamed vegetables, rub onto roast pork or chicken, or drizzle into a stir-fry for extra kick. Swirl onto pizza or into any traditionally spicy sauce or use to create out-of-this-world scrambled eggs.

Our range of infusion olive oils add a real explosion of flavour to any meal. Crafted exclusively in partnership with the Di Lorenzo family on their Disisa estate in Sicily, our superb oils are only ever infused with all natural ingredients like chilli, rosemary, basil, mint and lime.

Texana Brand Country Herb-infused olive oil contains an assortment of herbs like thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, and fennel that Texas Grandmas have been picking from their own backyards for generations.

Indulge in a delicacy that has entranced the world for centuries. This luxurious extra virgin olive oil embodies the rich earthiness of black truffles and transforms pastas, potatoes and more into extraordinary plates.

Olive oil is one of the most versatile culinary oils there is. Garlic is a vegetable that's been a favored ingredient for centuries, known for its powerful flavor and many health benefits. Naturally, garlic infused olive oil makes for a winning combination among chefs, beginner cooks, and medical professionals alike.

Garlic infused olive oil is just that; olive oil infused with garlic. Fresh garlic is often slow-roasted in extra virgin olive oil. This creates a rich flavored golden brown liquid with an earthy garlic aroma and flavorful-packed taste.

Essentially, chopped garlic is left to soak in olive oil for a day, several, days or even a week. The oils from the roasted garlic are then extracted creating a Roasted Garlic infusion that is then infused back into Texana Brand extra virgin olive oil.

Garlic is world-renowned for its disease-fighting properties and numerous health benefits. It's not uncommon for this versatile vegetable to be used for a wide variety of medical purposes. When garlic is infused with olive oil, these two ingredients make for a powerful product that's beneficial for many reasons. 041b061a72


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