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Microsoft Date And Time Picker Control 2016 LINK


In many cases, you want people to enter a valid date, and no other type of information, when they're putting data into a cell in Microsoft Excel. For example, you might be asking people to record days when they worked or when they met with a particular customer. To ensure that a date column is used correctly, you can effectively insert a calendar in Excel, using an Excel date picker. You can either do this through features built into Excel or using a third party plugin.

In many versions of Excel, you can use a Microsoft date picker control to create an Excel date drop-down in a cell. Unfortunately, this won't work in 64-bit versions of the popular spreadsheet program.

Then, click the "Developer" tab in the ribbon menu. Under "Controls," click "Insert" and then click "More Controls" under "ActiveX Controls." Select "Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control 6.0 (SP6)" in the menu and click "OK." Then, click the cell where you want to add the date picker. Click the "Design" tab in the ribbon menu and click "Properties" to customize various options of the pop-up date picker and the cell, including its size and color.

Then, once you're done placing and customizing the date picker, click the "Design" tab in the ribbon menu and uncheck "Design Mode." When someone clicks the cell from then, a date picker will pop up, ensuring data is inserted in correct date format.

If you're using 64-bit versions of Excel, using Excel Online or you aren't satisfied with the Microsoft date picker for some reason, you can always use a third-party date picker plugin. You can find them in the Microsoft AppSource business app marketplace. Search for one that has the features you need and use AppSource to install it in your spreadsheet.

In Microsoft Excel, many essential tools create a great user experience. One of them is the Date Picker. With this tool, you can insert any date and time in a worksheet. It pops up like a calendar. You can select a date from that. In this tutorial, you will learn to insert a date picker in Excel with suitable examples and proper illustrations. A lot of details are coming in later sections. So, I hope you will stay tuned.

In the following sections, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to inserting a date picker in Excel. We recommend you closely look and learn all these steps. It will obviously develop your Excel knowledge.

Now, what we have done until now is insert a date picker in a cell. We can insert a date picker in a range of cells or a particular column. Whenever you click on the cell, a calendar will show up and you can choose a date from there. In the following sections, we will show you to insert both single columns and multiple columns.

This code demonstrates the sheet number (Remember your sheet number even if you have changed the name) and the date picker number. Here, we have sheet1(Basic Datepicker sheet) and date picker 1. Height and width that you set manually.

Now, if you want to set multiple columns with a date picker, you have to make a simple change. Remember, before you set multiple columns with date pickers, you have to insert another date pickers again.

Here, we are not assigning the date picker in the entire column. Rather than, we are inserting it in a range of cells. Date picker 1 for B5:B14, Date picker 2 for D5:E14, and Date picker 3 for G5:G14.

Look here, we have three date pickers here. One for column B, one for columns D and E combined, and another one for column G. After clicking each cell of these columns you will see a calendar. In this way, you can insert a date picker for multiple columns in Excel.

To conclude, I hope this tutorial has provided you with a piece of useful knowledge to insert a date picker in Excel. We recommend you learn and apply all these instructions to your dataset. Download the practice workbook and try these yourself. Also, feel free to give feedback in the comment section. Your valuable feedback keeps us motivated to create tutorials like this.



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