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Roots (1977) Subtitles !LINK!

Languages Available in: The download links above has Rootssubtitles in Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish Languages.

Roots (1977) subtitles

Download Zip:

Obdulio enters into a series of enduring and loving relationships with members of this extended community; however, it is the special relationship with the night-watchman that begins his process of social transformation. The watchman, who is also a magician, invents a series of clever games that serve as a pretext for learning. Obdulio, for example, is fascinated by the simple clicks of an old type-writer because it sounds like the polyrhythmic beats of drums during carnival. Obdulio is asked to type his name and spell other words and later is given books. Slowly but surely, he becomes more and more critically engaged. In one scene, after finishing his cold drink and snack in his favorite bar, Obdulio asks for the bill, but Canario the owner of the bar replies, "pay me when you finish your education and are a real champion." It is through such encounters, which serve as vehicles for grassroots education that Obdulio not only learns to read and write, but is transformed.

Since I spent many, many years in Egypt, I mainly watch videos in Egyptian Arabic. If anyone knows Vloggers who speak in different Arabic dialects and offer subtitles (English or Arabic), please let me know or add them in the comment section below.

Not all of his videos have subtitles. So enter الدحيح in the YouTube search bar and then use the filter option (CC/subtitles). If you press on this link, you should also get only videos with subs.

Kareem is an Egyptian who lives in the UK now. In his YouTube Channel, he shares his experiences through the eyes of an Egyptian. His videos are highly professional and are all with English subtitles. It is a great resource for learners of Arabic!

Mada Masr is one of the last independent and critical news outlet covering news about Egypt. In Mada Masr's YouTube channel, you will find many videos most of them with English subtitles.

Online events will also be posted on BFI YouTube after the festival, so even if you are unable to attend on the day or are joining us for the in-venue festival, the online sessions can be watched in your own time. The YouTube videos will have subtitles.

Telemundo provides English subtitles via closed captioning primarily on weekdays from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific Time, during the network's prime time lineup. The subtitles are transmitted over the CC3 caption channel in standard definition and the CS2 caption channel available on most digital tuners in high definition. The network produces the translations in-house, and intends them to attract Hispanic viewers who may not be fluent in Spanish as well as other non-Spanish speakers.[43][44] Programs that include English captions are identified on-air by a special digital on-screen graphic seen at the start of each episode, denoting the specific caption channels in which viewers can receive subtitles in either Spanish or English (see right).

Telemundo was the first Spanish-language network in the United States to incorporate English captions during its programming, beginning with the premieres of La Cenicienta ("Cinderella") and Amor Descarado ("Barefaced Love") on September 8, 2003;[44] this generated a small, loyal fan base among English-speaking viewers.[45] The subtitles were briefly discontinued without notice on October 14, 2008, citing budget cuts made by NBC Universal and the network's switch from analog to digital broadcasts; representatives for Telemundo also cited the need to concentrate resources on its core Spanish-speaking audience. However, the network soon reversed its decision due to demand by viewers in favor of the English subtitles,[45] which returned on all prime time novelas on March 30, 2009.

Programs that include English-language captions during their original broadcast may also include them in repeat broadcasts airing outside of the network's prime time schedule after the program's original run on the network or, since 2012, as part of the network's late-night novela repeat block. Some programs (notably the defunct long-running erotic anthology Decisiones ("Decisions"), which the network now airs only in reruns), include English captions only for certain episodes, depending on when they were produced. Programs that use English captions are primarily consist of telenovelas, though a few shows outside the genre (such as the prime time court show Caso Cerrado) are also transcribed in both languages. Availability of English subtitles is limited to the technical capacity of the local station, cable or satellite provider, or other outlet to disseminate them over the network feed.

Since then, other networks in the United States have utilized the practice of providing closed captions in both English and Spanish. On January 30, 2012, Univision began airing CC3 English captions on its evening programming (primarily with its weeknight telenovelas, along with select weekend prime time series).[46][47] Azteca also transmits English language captions on certain programs. And in an inverse manner, upon the launch of the now-defunct Qubo Channel in 2007, most of its programming included CC3 Spanish subtitles in addition to its native CC1 English subtitles.[48]

This festival takes its roots in Los Angeles: For the twelfth year, Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz (TRK) in collaboration with the Consulates of France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, the Quebec Government Office in Los Angeles, and Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles present A Week of French Language Cinema.

Philippe Lioret (France 2009) 110 min. 35MM. With Vincent Lindon, Firat Ayverdi. French, Kurdish & English with English subtitles.A compassionate immigration drama about the hope of new beginnings and the power of true love, Welcome centers on two couples contending with issues of separation and dislocation. A 17 year-old Kurdish refugee has struggled his way through Europe for 3 months, trying to reunite with his girlfriend, who recently emigrated to England. Stopped by authorities on the French side of the Channel, he meets a swimming instructor in turmoil over his imminent divorce. Their relationship is an extraordinary account of human bonding that won the Ecumenical Jury & Europa Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Jonas Carpignano (Italy/France/US/Germany 2015) 107 min. DCP. With Koudous Seihon, Alassane Sy. Multiple languages with English subtitles.This remarkably timely, eye-opening look at an all-too-real issue charts the death-defying struggle of African migrants as they risk everything to start a new life in Europe. Ayiva (first time actor Koudous Seihon in a revelatory performance) and Abas (Sy) are close friends from Burkina Faso determined to make it to Italy in order to find work and provide for their families back home. But even after surviving the harrowing journey nothing can prepare the two men for the hostility and violence that awaits them.

Aki Kaurismäki (France/Finland 2011) 93 min. 35MM. With André Wilms, Kati Outinen, Blondin Miguel. French with English subtitles.In this warmhearted portrait of the French harbor city that gives the film its name, fate throws young African refugee Idrissa (Miguel) into the path of Marcel Marx (Wilms), a well-spoken bohemian who works as a shoeshiner. With innate optimism and the unwavering support of his community, Marcel stands up to officials doggedly pursuing the boy for deportation. A political fairy tale that exists somewhere between the reality of contemporary France and the classic cinema of Jean-Pierre Melville and Marcel Carné, Le Havre is a charming, deadpan delight.

Sterritt ** In the time of Louis XV, a French detective and a native American mystic uncover a web of skullduggery as they probe a series of killings thought by local peasants to be the work of a supernatural monster. Gans tries to match "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" with his ambitious mix of action, romance, and mythic overtones, but much of the historical horrorfest is more frenetic than fascinating. Look out for bursts of over-the-top violence. In French with English subtitles.

Sterritt ** Blanchett gives an intermittently forceful performance as a British woman who becomes a spy for the French resistance during World War II, searching for a missing pilot she loves while getting involved with a French family endangered by its Jewish roots. The story has inherent emotional power, but Jeremy Brock's formula-bound screenplay rarely soars beyond cliches.

In the end, Coincidence in Paradisesucceeds admirably in its exploration of the evolutionary roots of humans, butis less successful (though still thought-provoking) when it turns to thequestion of why humans evolved. Notwithstanding any problems with its secondhalf, the film is well worth viewing and would be an excellent resource forgraduate seminars and upper-year undergraduate courses in anthropology andpalaeontology. It is well edited, the photography is very good, and the soundquality is excellent. The background music by Alexander Kirschner deservesspecial praise for accenting the film without ever being obtrusive. Although Coincidencein Paradise would probably benefit from being shorter (and from tighterpresentation of arguments), in this music-video age I admire film-makers whotake their time to tell a story. For those seeking a thoughtful, meditativetreatment of human evolution, this film will serve very well.

The work of six Polish directors and a special showing of an American film with Polish roots will be featured at the 2005 Polish Film Festival from Nov. 13 to 18. Organized by the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies at the University of Rochester, this year's festival offers a range of fanciful, cynical, and tragic themes through the eyes of filmmakers. 041b061a72


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