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Nikon Capture Nx 2 Torrent Mac Os

Color Control Points: Enhancements for hue, brightness and saturation are as simple as placing a Color Control Point on your image, then adjusting the length of the sliders. For example, Color Control Points are remarkably convenient for changing the color of flowers for better effect against green surrounding foliage. Take a dull gray sky and add blue to change the mood of a captured scene.

Nikon Capture Nx 2 Torrent Mac Os

Today, Nikon announced the release of NX STUDIO (Ver.1.0), a new all-in-one software which enables seamless viewing, processing and editing of still images and video captured with a Nikon digital camera. The new software is available to download for free beginning today.

*Can be applied to images captured by Nikon SLR cameras with a D/G type lens.Nikon Pro Camera Control Serial Key also supports camera control systems. Straighten, Black/White Control Points, Neutral Control Points, Red-Eye Control Points, Selection Tools, Batch Processing, 16-bit Image Compatible, Vignette Control*, Auto Color Aberration Control*, Distortion Control Function*, Noise Reduction, Active D-Lighting (NEF only), D-Lighting, LCH Editor, Image Dust Off (NEF only), Fisheye Image Transformation, Color Booster Function, Color Management, Highlight/Shadow Display, Picture Control Compatibility (NEF only) Supports nine kinds of labeling and five levels of ratings according to XMP, a metadata industry standard.įunctions to help you realize your desired results: You can open multiple image processing settings at the same time and make parallel process adjustments of multiple details. Simultaneous opening of multiple settings: įour workspaces are provided: Browser, Metadata, Multi-Purpose and Edit, and your window composition can be easily switched among them.Ī combination of frequently used tools including, ,, , and in a single window. Using the slider at, you can adjust shadows by and blown out highlights by.


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