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How to Install FIFA 13 PC without rldea.dll Missing Problem

How to Download and Fix rld.dll Error for FIFA 13 PC

If you are a fan of football simulation games, you might have played or want to play FIFA 13 on your PC. FIFA 13 is a popular game that features realistic gameplay, amazing graphics, and exciting modes. However, some players may encounter a problem when they try to launch the game. They may see an error message saying that rld.dll is missing or failed to initialize.

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This can be very frustrating and prevent you from enjoying the game. But don't worry, there are some solutions that can help you fix this error and play FIFA 13 smoothly on your PC. In this article, we will explain what rld.dll is, what causes it to malfunction, and how to download and fix it. We will also tell you about the features and benefits of FIFA 13 PC that make it worth playing.

What is rld.dll and why is it important for FIFA 13 PC?

rld.dll is a dynamic link library file that is associated with games and software that use copy protection or licensing mechanisms. It contains code and data that enable the programs to run properly and prevent unauthorized access or modification. rld.dll is especially important for FIFA 13 PC because it provides functionality related to the game's security and performance.

Without rld.dll, FIFA 13 PC may not be able to start or run correctly. You may see errors like "rld.dll is missing from your computer", "rld.dll failed to load", "rld.dll not found", or "rld.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error". These errors can occur due to various reasons, such as corrupted or deleted rld.dll file, incompatible or outdated rld.dll file, virus or malware infection, registry issues, or interference from antivirus or firewall programs.

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What causes rld.dll error and how to prevent it?

As mentioned above, there are many possible causes for rld.dll error. Some of them are beyond your control, such as hardware failure or power outage. However, some of them can be prevented by following some simple tips:

  • Always download and install FIFA 13 PC from a legitimate source, such as the official website or a trusted online store. Avoid downloading cracked or pirated versions of the game, as they may contain malicious files that can damage your system or compromise your security.

  • Always keep your Windows system and drivers updated with the latest patches and updates. This can help you avoid compatibility issues and improve your system performance and stability.

  • Always scan your system regularly with a reliable antivirus or anti-malware program. This can help you detect and remove any potential threats that may harm your system or interfere with your game.

  • Always backup your important files and data regularly. This can help you restore your system in case of any disaster or data loss.

How to download rld.dll from a trusted source?

If you are missing rld.dll file on your PC, you may need to download it from a trusted source. However, you should be careful when downloading DLL files from the internet, as some websites may offer fake or infected files that can cause more problems for your system. Here are some tips on how to download rld.dll safely:

  • Use a reputable website that offers genuine and verified DLL files. One example is [](^1^), which provides free downloads of various DLL files for different programs.

  • Choose the correct version of rld.dll for your system. You can check your system information by right-clicking on My Computer or This PC and selecting Properties. You can also use a tool like [Speccy] to get more details about your system specifications. You should download the rld.dll file that matches your system architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) and Windows version.

  • Download the rld.dll file to a folder that you can easily access, such as your desktop or downloads folder. Do not download the file to the game folder directly, as you may need to unzip or extract it first.

  • Scan the downloaded file with your antivirus or anti-malware program before opening or running it. This can help you ensure that the file is safe and clean.

How to install rld.dll correctly on your PC?

After downloading rld.dll file from a trusted source, you need to install it correctly on your PC. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Unzip or extract the rld.dll file from the downloaded archive if necessary. You can use a tool like [WinRAR] or [7-Zip] to do this.

  • Copy the rld.dll file to the game folder where FIFA 13 is installed. The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 13\Game. If you have installed the game in a different location, you need to find it and paste the file there.

  • Register the rld.dll file in the Windows registry. This can help you fix any registry errors that may prevent the file from working properly. To do this, you need to open the Command Prompt as an administrator. You can do this by clicking on the Start menu, typing cmd in the search box, right-clicking on Command Prompt, and selecting Run as administrator. Then, type the following command and press Enter: regsvr32 rld.dll. You should see a message saying that the file was successfully registered.

  • Restart your PC and launch FIFA 13 to see if the error is fixed.

How to fix rld.dll error using repair tools?

If installing rld.dll manually does not fix the error, you may need to use some repair tools that can help you fix various issues related to DLL files, such as missing, corrupted, outdated, or incompatible files. Here are some examples of repair tools that you can try:

  • [DLL Suite] is a professional DLL repair tool that can scan your system for any DLL errors and fix them automatically. It can also download and install any missing or damaged DLL files for you.

  • [DLL-Files Fixer] is another powerful DLL repair tool that can optimize your system performance and stability by fixing any DLL issues. It can also backup and restore your registry and prevent any future DLL errors.

  • [Reimage Repair] is a comprehensive system repair tool that can fix various problems related to Windows, such as blue screen of death, freezes, crashes, errors, and more. It can also replace any faulty or missing DLL files with new ones.

To use any of these tools, you need to download and install them on your PC, run a scan of your system, and follow the instructions to fix any detected issues.

How to fix rld.dll error by disabling antivirus or firewall?

Sometimes, rld.dll error may be caused by interference from your antivirus or firewall programs. These programs may block or delete rld.dll file because they consider it as a threat or a false positive. To fix this problem, you need to disable your antivirus or firewall temporarily and see if the error goes away. Here are some steps to do so:

  • Find your antivirus or firewall icon in the system tray (the area near the clock on your taskbar) and right-click on it.

  • Select Disable, Turn off, Exit, Quit, or a similar option from the menu that appears.

  • Launch FIFA 13 and check if the error is fixed.

  • If the error is fixed, you need to add rld.dll file as an exception or a trusted file in your antivirus or firewall settings. This can help you prevent the problem from happening again in the future.

  • If the error is not fixed, you need to enable your antivirus or firewall again and try another solution.

How to fix rld.dll error by running system file checker tool?

Another possible solution for rld.dll error is to run the system file checker tool that comes with Windows. This tool can scan and repair any which enhance the details and quality of each player, stadium, crowd, or object. This makes the game more vivid and realistic.



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