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How To See Last Seen On WhatsApp Even If Hidden Or Blocked You [UPDATED]

Online and Last seen are two key features in WhatsApp that helps tell you when your contacts last used WhatsApp. 'Online' status shows you that this specific contact is using WhatsApp, while 'last seen' shows you the last time that contact was online. These two features are the main ones that tell you how to see when someone was last active on WhatsApp.

How to see Last Seen on WhatsApp even if Hidden or Blocked You

The 'last seen' shows the last time your contact last used WhatsApp. It can show time like today, 9:05 pm, or the date and time, for example, 7th June 2023. Ideally, it usually shows the date when that contact hasn't been online on WhatsApp for weeks or months, but when the person was online hours or a few minutes ago, it shows time. For those contacts with last seen being a couple, it can simply show something like this "Last seen today at 19:22 am."

Well, as noted earlier, WhatsApp gives you the power to decide what information can be seen by other people, and last seen is one of them. And so, if you don't see someone's last seen, it means they have chosen the hide last active on WhatsApp, and how to do this is shown below.

It is a possible thing to do; however, no feature on WhatsApp allows you to see the last seen of someone who has restricted it. Therefore, you will need to use several other applications to track and let you know when they last used WhatsApp.

Your online or last seen status are things you can control by simply using the available privacy settings on WhatsApp. And by default, WhatsApp has your last seen set to allow people to see it, meaning if you want to hide your last active on WhatsApp, then you need to change that via privacy settings.

After clicking on the last seen, you will be given several options. It includes Everyone, My Contacts, My contacts except, and Nobody. The 'Nobody' option will allow you to entirely hide your online status from everyone.

Humans are curious creatures in general and this is why how to see hidden last seen on Whatsapp can be one of the questions that you might have in mind. There can also be some strong reasons for why you need the information of last seen of a person. Fortunately, the third-party apps that we mentioned in the article will be immensely helpful in solving the issue in no time.

But ever since the WhatsApp's last seen hiding option has been added in the privacy setting, this made life easy for many. However, it has its own disadvantage too. If you hide your last seen, you'll not be able to see your contacts' last seen as well.

However, this status cannot be seen if someone has hidden it. But how to check hidden WhatsApp Last Seen? In that case, we've compiled a list of the 5 Best WhatsApp Last Seen Checker apps for you. In the end, there will be a outstanding tool that even lets you track specific people's WhatsApp chats, calls, status, files, etc.

Here are 5 best WhatsApp Last Seen checkers in this article, as well as the best WhatsApp last seen tracker - KidsGuard for WhatsApp to track what someone is doing on WhatsApp online. Try the demo by clicking the button below to know how to see Last Seen on WhatsApp. You won't be disappointed!

If you wonder how to see Last Seen on WhatsApp even if hidden, WhatsLog is another amazing Android application that you can use in your WhatsApp. You can put any of your friend's numbers in this application, whenever your friend comes online or offline on WhatsApp, you will get a notification of that.

WhatsDog is another famous app that could help you see WhatsApp status without seen, which gives you the chance to see the activity of anyone online on WhatsApp. Regarding how to see hidden Last Seen on WhatsApp, through this application, you can track all or specified WhatsApp users on your phone without opening WhatsApp which is a special thing about this application.

Now that you know all the ways on how to see Last Seen on WhatsApp even if hidden. However, are you also curious about what someone is doing on WhatsApp with Last Seen off? Is he hiding something from you? Actually, it is rather than a monitor tool to protect your loved ones from engaging in risky behavior online.

Absolutely no. There is no official way or third-party tool to let someone check if you have checked their WhatsApp Last Seen status. Using KidsGuard for WhatsApp is even less likely to be known, it will be hidden on the desktop and the person you are trying to track will not find it.

You cannot see the Last Seen from WhatsApp if you are blocked. But you can utilize WhatsApp Last Seen checker apps mentioned above and even get notified every time the person comes online or goes offline.

  • There are several reasons that you can't see someone's Last Seen on WhatsApp, which are:They hide online status on WhatsApp to prevent others from checking their Last Seen.

  • You may have been blocked by that person.

  • Your aren't on their contact lists.

ConclusionHere you've found out how to see someone's Last Seen on WhatsApp if hidden. Depending on what you need, you can choose the WhatsApp Last Seen checker online that's right for you.

WhatsApp has had its last seen feature, which shows other WhatsApp users the exact time you last used the app, for a long time now. You've always had some control over which users could see when you were last using the Android or iOS app, but WhatsApp recently tweaked its privacy options, giving you even more power off your visible WhatsApp usage.

The newest privacy update lets you show your online status to everyone on WhatsApp, which was the default option that couldn't be changed. Now, you can also set your online status to use the same configuration as your last seen preferences, so you can limit your online status to just your contacts, nobody, and the newest option: your contacts except specific people.

Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody are self-explanatory, and these options were already available for last seen. The new option, My Contacts Except, lets you pick specific contacts you want to hide your last seen status from, as well as your online status when "Same as Last Seen" is selected.

There are various tracker apps in the Play Store that can track last seen of almost any WhatsApp contact; however, I will discuss only the best ones here. Most of these apps are paid with free trials.

Click on the name from the profile list to check their last seen history. You will be able to check their entire last seen history of week, 24 hours, 8 hours, 1 hour with all the logins that they have made.

WA Watcher is another useful Web APP which tracks last seen on WhatsApp even if its hidden or blocked. The app offers initial 3 day free trial period. You can track upto 2 numbers in these three days and later pay for them for further tracking.

You will get first three hours for free to track last seen on WhatsApp. You will get a notification twice. One when the person comes online and one when he/she leaves. Along with the notification, you will be able to see all his/her WhatsApp logs during that time. So you will be able to track this without letting them know about it!

You can add multiple numbers to track last seen. But, to track all of them together, you will have to either pay for a week or thirty days depending on your need as the video ad option works only for one contact per day.

Both of these apps works fine and are the best WhatsApp last seen trackers while writing this post. If you are looking for a free option and your requirement is to check last seen of fewer contacts then you can go for the first method.

Thus, you can check last seen on WhatsApp of any number who is otherwise trying to hide it from you. If any of your friends or family members is trying to check last seen on WhatsApp of someone then do share this trick with them.

As we know below the name of our contact on WhatsApp we can see if the person is online and if they are not then WhatsApp let us know when they came online last time as Last seen today at 00:00 .

When you've been blocked on WhatsApp, the person's current display picture will remain the same, even if they change it in the future. Therefore, if someone's profile photo never changes, you may have been blocked.

1. Last Seen/Profile picture: If you are blocked by someone then the user will be unable to see the contact's last seen or online status and the profile picture. For which you have to open the chat window of the contact and their online status or last seen and Profile Picture will not be present. No! this is not the only step because at times when the person lost your contact or have deleted the contact and have selected the privacy setting according to "only contacts" option then also you will be unable to see the last seen and profile picture of the contact. So for that purpose, the individual needs to go for the 2nd step.

As of April 2022, WhatsApp is still testing the ability to hide last seen from specific contacts. There is no particular toggle to prevent only one or few selected person(s) from seeing your last seen status.

According to WhatsApp, the last seen feature is able to tell you the last timestamp that a contact used WhatsApp. For instance, one of your contacts shows last seen today at 07: 45. It means that he or she has WhatsApp open and is connected to the internet at 07: 45.

The last seen feature is a two-edge sword, which lets you to check the status of your friends and allows others to track you. If you want to hide your last seen status in WhatsApp, just follow the steps below:

If your friend does not hide WhatsApp last seen feature, go to the Chats tab in WhatsApp, select the conversation and you can view the date and time. However, once your friends have hidden the feature, you have to use a last seen tracker for WhatsApp. We use WhatsDog as the examples.

Note: When you want to stop tracking a contact, select it, tap the Settings icon at upper right corner, and touch Delete contact from WhatsDog. Moreover, this last seen tracker for WhatsApp is able to notify you once a contact goes online on WhatsApp.


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