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After caressing her solid chest for a few moments I knelt to slip the remains of the white fabric down her legs to reveal the hard appendage above her greatly swollen labia. Her clitoris is half the size of my cock and oh boy did it taste good.

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I could feel his warm breath working its way down toward my newly formed clit. I was nervous. Would he be able to tell the difference? Am I going to be exposed right, here right now? Those thoughts threatened to ruin my evening. I had to fight to keep them out of my head. I wanted that man in the worst kind of way and I refuse to lay there and sabotage myself with feelings of fear and insecurity. The tension was mounting and I decided to let it. He made his way to my clit and sucked that baby like a pacifier! Then he licked it layer by layer, back and forth, his tongue darted in and out, and my body shook. I experienced the greatest sensation of my life as I came uncontrollably. Oh my God! The operation was a success, I thought. 041b061a72


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