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Predators Preserve The Game Comic Pdf 13

The game shares its name with a comic book series from Dark Horse Comics, as well as its associated novelization, although it features an entirely unrelated story written by famed comic book writer Grant Morrison.

predators preserve the game comic pdf 13

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As Scarface, the player has access to many of the weapons seen in the Predator movies and comics, including the Wristblades, Plasmacaster, Combistick and Smart Disc, along with an array of new weapons such as the Glaive, Maul and several varieties of Throwing Mine. The player can also cycle through several vision modes, including the classic Thermal Vision, which shows heat from bodies and can scan targets for body armor and any augmentation, Tech Vision, which highlights grates, objectives, recharge stations and Xenomorphs, and can also scan enemies for weapons and any strengths and weaknesses, and Neuro Vision, which shows the mental state of enemies, and can scan their behavior, faction and rank. The game also incorporates a "normal" vision mode, which is comparable to typical human sight, for gameplay reasons.


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