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How to Create Realistic and Natural-Sounding Reverbs with TC Electronic M40 Studio Reverb v1.0.6 VST Team VR

as in any equipment room, theres a ton of wires going into the floor. many of them connect to racks that neatly hold a multitude of outboard gear and cabinets that contain various effects, for example the sonus faber echoplex 48 pictured above. a lot of my inspiration for construction comes from the optical design used to make the u87 providing the perfect reverb tube. read more >>

TC Electronic M40 Studio Reverb v1.0.6 VST Team VR

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the original reverb design traces its ancestry back to the sound of the elevator. tony mottola has recorded many tracks in the u87-powered and later u87ex design he used on the first five bad seed albums and later made famous by the strokes when he applied it to is this it. he recalls how it kept sinking into the floor, creating a hollow midrange at higher volumes. in the reverb room of the closet studio, we see the moving proof that mottolas engineering intuition was more right than his contract engineers. in a booth on the top floor, the u87ex (fever), making use of a teardrop port and a damped baffle for the floor, creates its hollow sound, but it floats higher than the floor speaker, which is joined by a second room. read more >>

its all about the sound of the u87ex. unlike the u87, which is a pair of valves, the u87ex is a single vacuum tube with a great fet preamp in one tube and the u87fcc40 in the other tube. this lets the preamp work with the open channel of the valve and the tube-in-tube coupling by keeping the valve in saturation for high frequencies but still providing a linear path for the low end. the designers have achieved much the same goal using a pair of valves and the full complement of tubes in the u87ex.


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