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Gareth is a registered social worker with 18 years' post-qualification experience in statutory mental health services and adult social services. He is qualified as an Approved Mental Health Professional and as a practice teacher, and holds the Post Qualifying Award in Higher Specialist Social Work (Mental Health).

Gareth has been involved in men's work for many years. He is deeply concerned with understanding the factors which lead some young men to dissociate from their sexed bodies and seek 'gender affirming care'. He is also troubled by the relative absence of men from the fight against gender ideology.

He believes the older adult men in our society are re-enacting an age-old paradigm, by abandoning their sons and daughters at a time when their active involvement is desperately needed. Gareth hopes that, by bringing an explicitly pro-male perspective to the sex realist / gender critical world, he can contribute to the development of a broad-based coalition capable of effectively opposing the spread of gender ideology.

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