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Maggie Mellon

Maggie Mellon – Independent social worker.

A founding member of EBSWA, Maggie qualified in social work in 1977, and has worked in Scotland and in England. Semi-retired, she works as an independent social worker in Scotland. Maggie has worked with children and families in both local authorities and the voluntary sector, and her independent work includes pro-bono support and advocacy for mothers and their children in care. 

Maggie has been shocked by how claims about gender identity and the existence of “trans” children and adults have been adopted across social work without discussion. The obvious harms of affirmation and “transitioning” of confused and vulnerable children have been ignored by a social work leadership which has abandoned basic principles of safeguarding.

Maggie writes and speaks on issues concerning children and her work can be found on her website

and Maggie tweets as @maggiemellon

Maggie Mellon
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