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Maggie S

Maggie S – Maggie retired in 2023 after 36 years working in Children’s safeguarding in both statutory and voluntary sectors. Whilst she would be considered as gender critical now, Maggie sees herself as having held the same professional view about how children and young people safely develop their sense of identity, with minimal interference. She has witnessed well meaning and supportive families succumb to the influence of gender ideology, leaving healthy children struggling with the horrific side effects of so called gender affirming medical intervention. 

Throughout her career, Maggie S has been a very strong advocate for the safety, dignity and self determination of women, as mothers and carers, as the most significant factor in the safety and welfare of children. 

Seeing the identity and welfare of women and children under direct attack, Maggie S felt she had to make a stand, alongside like minded colleagues, and joined EBSWA to collectively reintroduce the evidence base required to actively protect children.

Maggie S
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