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Miriam is an early career social worker in children's safeguarding. She is worried about the lack of evidence informed guidance regarding gender identity in children. The growth and trajectory of gender medicine has been seen to disregard evidence including the disproportionate impact on same-sex attracted youth, and the impact of puberty blockers or cross sex hormones on the developing body and mind.

Miriam is interested in how this fits within a wider safeguarding context where social media and adolescent mental health is gravely concerning. So far in her practice, Miriam has focussed on domestic abuse and is concerned about the ramifications of gender identity campaigning on the delivery of single-sex services for women and children. Likewise, she considers the importance of same-sex care provision for inpatient, elderly or disabled women and girls requiring intimate care or supervision an area of utmost importance.

Miriam works with a range of complex needs and is interested in considering how the rights of all individuals and their families can be supported by policies that need to function at a population level to protect all people from discrimination, and promote dignity.

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