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Stephen Madill

Stephen Madill qualified as a criminal justice social worker in 1990. He has worked in domestic abuse intervention projects for over twenty-five years and has managed behaviour change programmes and associated partner support services in both the voluntary and statutory sectors. 

Having become aware of a significant domestic abuse problem within Edinburgh's large Polish community he applied for, and received, Scottish Government funding for a Polish domestic abuse intervention service, which now runs alongside the mainstream service. 

His work has always been informed by a pro-feminist perspective and this has lead him to question gender ideology for a number of years. He has been particularly concerned with how trans activists have influenced social policy with regard to child safeguarding and also criminal justice, whether in recording crimes by trans identifying men as committed by women, or in housing such men in women's prisons. 

Stephen passionately believes that trans rights, and how they clash with the rights and safety of women and children, is an issue that men should be speaking out on: after all, it is trans-identifying men who are creating risk and undermining child safeguarding.

Stephen Madill
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