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Conversion Therapy Proposals - The Children of Transitioners Speak

Updated: Feb 18

"We are concerned that the government in proposing a law to ban what is called "conversion therapy" has failed to recognise that 'trans' and 'gender identity' is not just about the tiny % who have gender dysphoria, or the impact on children who say they are trans, but also impacts children of transitioners. Most men who are 'trans' have male sexual fetishes, autogynophilia, and trans lobby groups/ pride promote the wishes of cross dressers and 'MAPs' (minor attracted paedophiles) to gain public acceptance of their behaviour especially amongst children- all come under the Pride 'trans' umbrella.

The reasons why heterosexual fathers decide to identify as women in middle age is not the same as teen girls, but often for sexual reasons, as the Telegraph has noted this week. it's not only parents seeking to protect trans 'children' who may be negatively impacted, but the rest of the family and associated safeguarding professionals too. Some potential unintended consequences of a conversion therapy ban:

1 Protecting children

the law if passed will prevent family and social workers from safeguarding children of transitioners as it will make it harder for both professionals and wider family to challenge inappropriate behaviour and fathers involving children in their fetish, as the father will accuse them of "gender conversion". When a mother leaves a 'transitioning' husband, the father often gets unsupervised access to the children, even if he has previously been arrested for crimes such as voyeurism and flashing, and/or stalking and coercive control). Often risks presented by fathers who have transitioned will involve social workers in involved in protecting children, or (without formal input ) family members (mothers, grandparents) will have to assume that responsibility alone. Sometimes we know that social workers or family members (wives/ grandparents) etc have had to address the issue of fathers wearing fetish clothing and watching porn in front of their children. At other times, fathers have been refused overnight access by the court to protect their children. Our submission to gov re GRA (amended for Scotland recently)here: Social workers are already under pressure to ignore the needs of children in order to benefit adult men who say they are women. 2.- it will end the possibility of counselling - both for marriage and for children of transitioners (CoTs) The proposed law will also effectively outlaw any sort of family counselling- both marriage counselling, and family counselling (many dads who later identify as women lose all contact with their children when the children reach adulthood, for a variety of reasons). The proposed bill will make it harder for wives/ couples and families to access counselling, both secular and religious, due to the danger of anything other that total capitulation to the dad's wishes and fetishes being illegal. ( It's not just children in Jewish families who face ostracism as a consequence of their fathers' choices, hence most children of transitioners keep it secret) 3.- Criminalising CoTs The proposed law will increase the abuse of and introduce criminalisation of CoTs and our mums, including when we are fleeing abuse. Many CoTs refuse to pretend their dads are women, and under no circumstances will call them 'mum'. This is protected in the GRA (and the supreme court upheld this in the case of Freddie McConnell) but families face constant online abuse for not acceding to the demand to accept their father's claimed identity. Even from Victim Support who already call us abusers (but who the police refer us to when we report domestic/ sexual/ violent abuse from our fathers!). We will be excluded from more and more from support after abuse due to Stonewall campaigning if this proposed law passes.

In the article above (Not shutting up), there is an example of a CoT requesting her trans father does not wear fetish clothing to her wedding (he dresses as a 5 year old girl). Teenagers also for example object to dads wearing prosthetic breasts (as has also been seen in public in the US Basic communication between fathers and CoTs and social workers will become criminal if the law passes- thus increasing the likelihood of family breakdown and estrangement, as will all challenge to any male sexual fetish. We already see police unashamedly supporting male sexual fetishes and child abusers in Pride marches. The courts prioritise the feelings of male sex abusers in court, despite the impact on their victims including children including CoTs and rape victims. Are these consequences the government's intention? 4.Heterosexual marriage conversion. As you know in England there is a Spousal Exit Clause to protect the freedom of belief and marriage contract of both parties.This means wives, for example, cannot find their marriage has been legally changed by their husbands into a 'same sex in law' marriage without their consent, nor a gay marriage made into a legal 'heterosexual' marriage. The transitioning partner can still transition but the non transitioner partner can get an annulment first. However Scotland removed this clause several years ago under the radar. Surely any ban of sexuality or gender 'conversion' should include everyone- not just LGB or T , but also heterosexual women. No one should find themselves in a marriage that has been 'converted' without their consent.

5.-Elderly male transitioners We are advised by CoTs with older fathers, that in old age it is common (eg through dementia) for fathers to forget they identify as women. Instead it causes them distress to be mis- sexed (trans lobby groups insistence trans identity is innate is untrue). Is this trans conversion and if so who is guilty? This issue has caused distress to all parties when accessing care, both NHS and private, and is never mentioned in the media. It is increasingly adult children (including CoTs ) who care for and support their parents and elderly relatives in the UK, at times with social worker input, and trans lobby groups soon lose interest in trans fathers when they are no longer in the public arena. We hope the information above is helpful and thank you for your work. Children of Transitioners

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