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Support EBSWA so that EBSWA can speak out for you

EBSWA (Evidence Based Social Work Alliance) was established in 2021 by social work practitioners and educationalists in order to provide a voice for concerns about beliefs and practices on sex and "gender identity" being adopted in social work without any supporting evidence or professional discussion and consultation.

Official complaints of "transphobia" are regularly made in response to any challenge to gender identity beliefs and practices and these have caused a climate of fear in social work. Fear for jobs, for reputation, for consequences for children and vulnerable people we work with and for.

Some of our founding members have experienced being investigated by SWE, the social work regulator in England, as "unfit to practice" purely for questioning belief in gender identity and affirmative practices that have been adopted. Investigation is a long and punishing process. We have no idea how many social workers have to date been referred for investigation by the regulatory bodies, or who have been subjected to investigation by their employers or the outcomes of these processes. We do know that SWE's case against Rachel Meade was based solely on a complaint by a trans-identified colleague that Rachel had expressed 'transphobic" views on a private Facebook page. The investigation and an initial finding of unfitness to practice was undertaken on a prima facie assumption by the investigators that any criticism of gender identity is somehow incompatible with our professional ethics. Rachel successfully took SWE and her employer, Westminster City Council, to an employment tribunal, winning her claim on all counts. However SWE have yet to apologise or even acknowledge that their investigation was unfair and oppressive. They and Westminster refused to agree a reasonable claim for damages forcing Rachel to incur further legal costs in going to court to seek a judgement on this.

Our colleague Lizzy Pitts is taking her employer Cambridge County Council to an ET for discriminating against her on the basis of her legitimate belief that sex is binary and immutable, that sex matters in social work practice with children and with adults. We are asking for support for Lizzie's fundraising campaign

These and many other known cases have created a climate of fear, and consequent failures of safeguarding, and denial of rights to social workers and to the children and adults who depend on us practicing in an evidence based and without ideology or discrimination. EBSWA is determined to oppose and resist fear. We have written to SWE, to CAFCASS, to the Care Inspectorate in Scotland, to BASW demanding that they produce evidence for championing belief in gender identity beliefs and their advocacy of affirmative practices.

We understand that not everyone can speak out. Some of our founding members are forced to remain anonymous in order to protect jobs and careers and families. Investigations are long and punishing in themselves even when in the end there is no finding of breach of professional codes of practice the damage is done. BUT we are asking for your support to be the brave and strong voice of concern that you know is needed. Join us, support us, and donate to help us keep our work going.

Webinars and websites and events cost money. We are asking for a £30 annual donation by members, more if you can afford it, less if you are a student or on a low income.

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